30 January, 2010

Collaboration - Follow Up

So there seemed to be a lot of interest in the idea of collaborating on some negative research. Post below to suggest topics for research, & times of day that would work. I'll try to get this organized by next weekend.


  1. Time--After 7pm (Eastern Time) should work for me (except on Tuesdays). If this doesn't work for people I can always try + work around it.

    Endangered Species Act or
    Delegated Rule Making

  2. I didn't comment the first time, but I just saw this, so now I am.

    3-5 and 7-10:30 PM PST typically work for me.

    ESA, Bottle Bill, DDT, Ethanol, and Superfund are all cases I could definitely work on.

    And I already have Wave, so need to send me an invite.

  3. So... Does anyone else want to Collaborate?

  4. Environmental foreign aid.

    Really anytime works for me. Yeh.