07 March, 2010

Consult Japan

Thorium is one of the few cases I would actually advocate running a Consult CP against. Here's where you can find some good generic consult files. Just search for "Japan". To actually link this DA/CP to Thorium, you need something specific. Below is my best card so far, but any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

Japan Cooperation K2 Thorium Development
Japan is a leader in Thorium tech - coordination is key to successful deployment
T. Unak (Ege University, Dept. of Chemistry), 2K Turan Unak [Ege University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Division of Nuclear Chemistry, Bomova, Turkey], “What Is The Potential Use Of Thorium In The Future Energy Production Technology?” Progress In Nuclear Energy, 2000, (Vol. 37. No. 1-4, pp. 137-144)

"For this reason, all developing countries having thorium reserves should direct their technological attentions to the evaluation of their national thorium deposits like in the case of India, and cooperate each others in this field for combining their efforts. This can be realized under the coordination of a technology leader country. Japan is able to have an essential role to realize this coordination and to become a leader country for required technologic development programs on the use of thorium in the future nuclear energy production systems. Finally, thorium is shown in the horizon of the 2 1st century as a brighten star of new nuclear technology era."

03 March, 2010

What Clash tells us about tournament scheduling

So at the Clash tournament at West Valley College last weekend, we lost power after the first round on day two of competition. That meant that the entire tournament had to be postponed for a day due to liability issues. So by the last day of the tournament, we'd only completed three preliminary rounds total, and had three prelims & three outrounds to get through in one day. That's just TP. LD had at least as many prelims left & even more outrounds. And we did it! Tab somehow managed to have matchings for every round. Sure, the day of competition started early & ended later than would be desirable, but we got all the rounds in. I think this proves pretty conclusively that if they have to be, tournaments can be run on tight schedules.